Warfare Prayer Points For The Month Of July. Prayer Points For The Month Of July

Psalms_9-1: I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.

Psalms_9-1: I will praise thee, O LORD, with my whole heart; I will shew forth all thy marvellous works.

Praise and worship:


Psalms_139-14: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

Psalms_139-14: I will praise thee; for I am fearfully and wonderfully made: marvellous are thy works; and that my soul knoweth right well.

“Praise the LORD! Praise the LORD O my soul! I will praise the LORD as long as I live; I will sing praises to my God while I have my being. Put not your trust in princes, in a son of man in whom there is no salvation…..

Blessed is he whose help is the God of Jacob, whose hope is in the LORD his God who made heaven and earth.”






Give thanks to the LORD for His goodness and His wonderful love, thank the LORD with a Holy, humble, and appreciative heart for His mercies that endures forever. The LORD broke the gates of brass and cut asunder the bars of iron, He healed our sicknesses and infirmities. He comforts the broken hearted and binds up the wounds, He fought our battles and gave us victory on all sides.

Continuously give hearty thanks to the LORD for His numerous marvellous deeds and mighty acts- ie Salvation of soul, protection, provision, breakthrough, deliverance, etc.






Prayer points:


Holy Spirit of God, multiply Your Grace in my life, in Jesus Christ Name I pray, Amen! Acts 1:8





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ Your Son and My Lord and my personal Saviour, with all the power that You are God, restore me to Your original desire for my life. Genesis 1:26.





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ Your Son and my Lord and personal Saviour, let the Blood of Jesus Christ repair every damage done to my destiny, Amen! Gal 4:3-6.




Anointing for extra-ordinary achievement, fall upon my inner man in Jesus Christ name I pray, Amen! 1 Samuel 16:13





Oh LORD my God! Make me an instrument of Great Revival in Your Hands. 1 Samuel 17:45.





Holy Spirit of God, come and do something new, something powerful, something wonderful in my life today! Acts 2:2.





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ Your Son and my Lord and personal Saviour! Give me wisdom and power to overcome all obstacles to great achievement in my life. 1 Samuel 17:33-34.





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ Your Son and my Lord and personal Saviour! Let every plot of my downfall scatter unto desolation, Amen! Isaiah 54:15.





In the name of Jesus Christ, my LORD and personal Saviour! I bind every spirit of limitation, I cast you out, get out of my life in Jesus Christ name, Amen! Matthew 18:18-19.





In the name of Jesus Christ my LORD and personal Saviour! I dismantle every plan of setback, I cancel every dream of back to previous school; in Jesus Christ Name! I move from Glory to Glory to Glory! Amen! Isaiah 54:10-13.





In the name of Jesus Christ my LORD and personal Saviour! Every arrow of death and demotion relocate back to sender! Amen! Proverbs 26:27.





In the name of Jesus Christ my LORD and my personal saviour! Let every weapon of health destruction fashioned against me fail, it shall not prosper in the name of Jesus, Amen! Isaiah 54:17





In the name of Jesus Christ my LORD and My personal Saviour! Let every power of darkness hired to destroy me return back to sender! Amen! Gal 6:7.




Father! In the name of Jesus Christ Your Son and my LORD and personal Saviour! Let every power contending with my divine destiny be destroyed by fire. Exodus 9:24





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ Your Son and my LORD and my personal Saviour! By the Blood of Jesus Christ! I command every voice speaking impossibility to my advancement to be silent! Amen! Hebrews 12:24.





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ! Your Son and my Lord and my personal Saviour! Enlarge my coast beyond my widest dreams! Amen! 1 Chronicles 4:10.





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ! Your Son and my LORD and my personal Saviour! Let every satanic power that has swallowed my riches begin to vomit them now! Amen! Job 20:15.





In the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and personal Saviour! I command a return of all that was stolen from me in the dream, Amen! 1 Samuel 30:18.




Father! In the name of Jesus Christ Your Son, My LORD and my personal Saviour! Let the Blood of Jesus Christ speak destruction to every evil growth in my body. 1 Peter 2:24.




Father! In the name of Jesus Christ, Your Son and my LORD and my personal Saviour! Let every wicked gate blocking my expectations shatter! Amen! 2 Cor. 8:9.





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ! Your Son and my LORD and my personal Saviour! Let all antagonism and opposition to my divine expectations be scattered. Mark 11:5-6.





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ! Your Son and my LORD and my personal Saviour! Let every organized wickedness against my dreams and visions scatter by fire! Amen! Exodus 10:19.





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ! Your Son and my LORD and my personal Saviour! Uproot from my way every evil tree planted to hinder my testimonies! Amen!  Exodus 14:14.





Father! In the name of Jesus Christ! Your Son and my LORD and my personal Saviour! Let the Blood of Jesus Christ stand against every contrary power assigned to rearrange my destiny. 1 Cor. 5:7-8.





Pray for RCCG

Pray for Pastor and Pastor (Mrs) E A Adeboye

Pray for all Elders, Pastors, Ministers, Workers in RCCG Worldwide

Pray for the Body of Christ Worldwide.

Pray for Nigeria.






Make your personal Requests






















May God Bless Nigeria, America And Israel And Take Care Of Us; May God Make His Face Shine Upon Us, And Be Gracious To Us; May The Lord Lift Up His Countenance Upon Us, And Give Us Peace, In Jesus Christ Name, We Pray! Amen!




May The Grace The Lord Jesus Christ, And The Love Of God, And The Fellowship Of The Holy Spirit Be With You All. Amen!

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    basis of the Union.[4] Questions were raised over its precise meaning, permissible actions and the
    will of a collective sovereign. In 18th century European political thought, “the people”
    excluded most of the population; suffrage was denied to women, slaves, indentured servants, those lacking sufficient property,
    indigenous people and the young.[5] The early American republic
    similarly disenfranchised women and those lacking sufficient property, also denying citizenship to slaves
    and other non whites. According to historian Ronald Formisano, “Assertions of the peoples’ sovereignty over time contained an unintended dynamic of raising popular expectations for a greater degree of popular participation and that the peoples’ will be satisfied.”[6]In 1846,
    as the dispute over slavery in the United States developed in the wake of the Mexican American War, popular sovereignty became the
    foundation of a proposed resolution to slavery
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    However, it is now believed to be a big misconception. hair extensions

    costume wigs Such religious traditions provided a foundation for
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    such that he was unable to make himself subservient to anyone,
    even a king. Lang sees Handel as someone who could not accept
    class distinctions that required him to regard himself as a social inferior.
    “What Handel craved was personal freedom to raise himself out of his provincial milieu to a life of culture.”[74]
    Burrows notes that like his father, Handel was able to accept royal (and aristocratic) favors without considering
    himself a court servant.[75] And so given the embarrassed financial
    condition of his mother,[49] Handel set off for Hamburg to obtain experience while supporting
    himself.. wigs

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    Thoughts? There is too much to tell, but this is a good spot to
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    U Tip Extensions Kids go through phases. When I was about a year old I
    developed an aversion to any man over 13. My brothers could play with me
    but older men who I used to love and snuggle made me cry, even my own dad.
    I know your stats are made up here, but hypothetically, with your math, 5000 people not using plastic bags would remove
    the carbon footprint of one human. Fifty thousand people would
    wipe out ten footprints, and Five hundred thousand people not using
    plastic bags is one hundred missing footprints. I you could get 500 million people
    to stop using plastic bags, by your math, that would be one million carbon footprints removed, just by avoiding plastic bags..
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    user of computers outside the United States federal government,[36] aside
    from being the first business in the world to own a computer.
    Its major appliance manufacturing plant “Appliance Park” was the first non governmental
    site to host one.[38] However, in 1970, GE sold its computer division to Honeywell, exiting the computer manufacturing industry,[36] though it retained its timesharing
    operations for some years afterwards. GE was a
    major provider of computer timesharing services, through General Electric Information Services (GEIS, now GXS), offering online computing services that included GEnie..
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    Massachusetts Amherst. Since 2002, the organization has had
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    amazing.When they draw the “camera” back to show the pile of coal relative to the ship,
    the other ships, and the huge ocean surrounding them it really tells the entire story right there.
    It a great use of setting in a plot, a setting really integral to
    the story they told.

    U Tip Extensions I say they need to cc multiple targets because this requires the smallest amount
    of coordination. Some tanks don have good initiation, Muradin,
    Varian and leoric. They CAN initiate but it requires
    trust that your team will follow up. And I asked her if she wanted to
    get married. We lightly touched on it before, but this was as
    serious as it had ever been. I wanted those eight years
    to go on forever. U Tip Extensions

    I Tip extensions Miley tries to make Lilly reject her, only
    to fail multiple times. She convinces Lilly to come with her
    to Paris (where the movie is shooting), however at the airport, Lilly
    decides not to go, but to return to college (this is due to Oliver convincing Lilly that Miley will get another movie role next year).
    Miley continues to Paris, only to come back, joining Lilly in Stanford..
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    1:1, those exchanges are money printing machines, however I estimate it more likely a
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    worst. There also been allegations in the past that the exchange wash trades against themselves
    on their exchange, basically trade money back and forth to accounts
    they own, collect clean transaction fees, and further obscure the source of those funds.
    Fun to think about, but probably not wide appealing television..
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    to c.1830 37, named eponymously after kings George I, George II, George III and George IV.
    The sub period that is the Regency era is defined by the regency
    of George IV as Prince of Wales during the illness
    of his father George III. The definition of the Georgian era is often extended to include the relatively short reign of William IV, which ended with his death in 1837..


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    The association of various places with power, as seen across the history of Greek mythology and historical works, seems
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    of it was accurate. hair extensions

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    ‘actor’ acts out what they have been told for 30 seconds.
    Nobody is allowed to speak at all. The person who has
    been acted to then becomes the actor for the next person to be
    brought into the room and so on for every person (like an acted out Chinese whispers) until
    the last person guesses what they think the action is.


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    And let them not imagine, either as they are also
    fond of doing that they are very wise and philosophical and that it is a very artful thing to be contented.
    It may be true that “a contented mind is happy anywhere,” but so is a Jerusalem pony, and
    the consequence is that both are put anywhere and are treated anyhow.
    “Oh, you need not bother about him,” is what is said; “he is very contented as he is, and it would be a pity to disturb him.” And so your contented party is passed over and the discontented man gets his place..

    wigs for women The tone of society in Boston is one of perfect politeness,
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    At the April 18, 1926, NHL meetings to discuss expansion of the NHL, five applications were
    received from Detroit along with three from Chicago, one from Cleveland,
    one from New Jersey, one from Hamilton and one from New York.
    The New York application to become the New York Rangers was approved.
    The NHL decided to investigate all applicants before deciding at their next
    meeting.[1] At the time, it was known that the Western Canada Hockey League was folding.[2] Other than the Rangers,
    there was opposition to adding any other teams to the NHL.
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    Gilda Radner passed away tragically at the age of 42 from ovarian cancer.
    Add in shoes, hat, cold weather outerwear, accessories, etc.The biggest difference in dress for anyone in the 18th
    century comes in the fabric. The cost of clothing is mostly in the cloth to begin with, so that really where all of
    the adjustment is. To have a plain suit made (breeches, waistcoat,
    and coat) is generally a consistent cost based on the number of hours it should take.
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    of people who catch him on the fly. After that, Mercury moves over a group of people who lie parallel on the ground and roll him over their bodies by turning around, as on a lineshaft roller conveyor.
    This part is finalised by a static scene of Mercury with a female
    dancer in a dry ice smoke.[19]. clip in extensions

    wigs In the mean time, I call on humanity to be more aware that
    there is a divine diversity on this planet, and it is here to teach us not of
    our differences but of our similarities. We all want to love and be
    loved, which includes learning to love and accept ourselves first.
    But who is brave enough to bring up the subject of learning to love sexuality?
    Moreover, who is helping us to understand the phenomenon of attraction? The question to me seems: When are we going to start being honest
    with ourselves? When will we stop hating others and discriminating against others because they feel feelings?

    Never mind that we all feel these feelings of attraction, shame, and love.

    wigs for women Note that this is true throughout
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    love from the mothers who chose to have them in the first place.

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    Dad works out of town. You are 12, your
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    It all stupid. It effectively a Pi hole which you can setup for $40 with the case.
    The thing isn a true firewall, it not going to prevent anyone who really wants in from
    getting in, its real purpose is simply a generic DNS based filter.

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    Celebrities and Their DietsIt’s the new year again! All the turkey trimmings along with the
    Christmas tree and the sparkly baubles are last years
    news (the turkey never made it to trimmings in my house but then again it never does).

    Over indulgence has left it’s mark; mainly on our waist lines.
    While our favourite celebs don their holiday bikinis and prance
    about the beach in all their skinny glory, we hide under our jumpers and plan our new year diet, yet again..

    360 lace wigs However, when my friends talked about the movie they
    did not seem to like it for any reason in particular except for the fact Ralph Fiennes stars
    in this picture. Not only did I have to sit through this movie once,
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    I Tip extensions He averaged an incredible 118.66 in beating Gary
    Anderson 6 0 in ten minutes in the quarter finals and then saw off Kevin Painter 6 3 in the semis and Wes Newton 6
    1 in the final.[35] He lost 6 4 to Colin Lloyd in the first round of the European Championship and 13 3 to Michael van Gerwen in the second round of the
    World Matchplay.[36][37] Wright reached the final of the
    German Darts Championship, but lost 6 2 to Dave Chisnall.[38] He also lost
    to Chisnall in the final of the next event the seventh Players Championship, having beaten van Gerwen 6 2 in the semi finals.[39] He
    picked up another appearance in a final at the tenth
    event but lost 6 3 to Raymond van Barneveld.[40] At the World Grand Prix he lost 2
    0 in sets to Wes Newton in the first round, but after the event he moved
    into the world’s top 16 for the first time.[41] This earned him a spot in the first staging
    of the Masters, a tournament exclusively for the
    top 16 on the Order of Merit, where he was defeated 6 2 by Van Gerwen in the opening round.[42]Wright advanced to the third
    round of the 2014 World Championship, where he faced
    Michael Smith who had knocked out Phil Taylor in the previous round.

    Wright produced his then highest televised averaged of 105.07 but at one point was 3 2 behind, before winning six of the next
    seven legs to reach the quarter finals of the event for the first time in his career.[43] He trailed 2 0 early on against
    Wes Newton but rallied to level with the match
    eventually going into a deciding set. Wright missed
    four match darts at two legs to none up but eventually edged the contest with
    a 121 finish on the bull to face Simon Whitlock in the semi
    finals.[44] He outplayed Whitlock from the start and maintained his
    high level by averaging over 100 for the second time in the
    event and win 6 2.[45] Wright lost 12 of the first 14 legs in the
    final against number two seed Michael van Gerwen,
    before winning two unanswered sets and then missed one dart to trail
    just 4 3. I Tip extensions

    360 lace wigs The live album Live from Jupiter Records was released in August
    2003. The band’s fourth studio album, Keep Your Wig On, was released in June 2004 and spawned three singles: “Airstream”, “Drifting Away”
    and “Lou ee Lou ee”. Little White Lies, the band’s fifth studio album, was released in April 2009.
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    clip in extensions If that not enough, what are you doing to stand out from the average game, and does that differentiator resonate with your audience?
    That is, you may like story and characters, but
    what the market for that in 2D side scrollers without jumping?
    Do surveys, focus groups, research other titles, whatever you need.

    Make sure that there is a market for the game you making if you intend on selling
    it. When people say you should start marketing on the first day of development, it
    these kinds of questions that are paramount. clip in extensions

    I Tip extensions I don own a gun and I believe in better
    training and safety laws, but this is common sense stuff that a weapon CAN be
    used for defense. If you are in the wild and a bear attacks you, and you use a
    rifle to stop it. Was that defense? Or strictly offense?
    What other method would you suggest we use to defend our homes from armed criminals?I
    been so slammed with my new job (Mostly why people haven seen me around here lately), that it
    might be a bit before I can get a video, and also get some practice in to
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    You are far less likely to mess your hair up if you do what
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    his Septet (Op. 20) in 1799, which was one of his most popular works during his
    lifetime.For the premiere of his First Symphony, he
    hired the Burgtheater on 2 1800, and staged an extensive programme of music,
    including works by Haydn and Mozart, as well as his Septet, the First Symphony, and one of
    his piano concertos (the latter three works all then unpublished).
    The concert, which the Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung
    described as “the most interesting concert in a long time,” was not without difficulties; among
    the criticisms was that “the players did not bother to pay any attention to the soloist.”[40]Mozart and Haydn were undeniable influences.

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    they won stay the same forever. If you can find a wig or beauty
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    See also wikipedia’s useful photos of statues. The only sewing you need to do is a
    few straight seams and some edge finishing, and there is no fancy cutting or shaping at all, so this part of the instructions is minimal..
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    clip in extensions In “Adventures In Fae bysitting”, a part of
    Lauren’s past is disclosed and we learned that her real name is Karen Beattie
    and that she is a fugitive wanted by the International Criminal Offences and Criminal Intelligence Bureau.
    In “Turn to Stone”, Lauren revealed that she had a brother,
    they had been inseparable and decided together “to change the world”,
    but their cause had turned into blowing up pipelines.

    She knew how to build pipe bombs and made them for her brother to position; however,
    one location was supposed to have been deserted but wasn’t
    and eleven people were killed in the explosion. clip in extensions

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    The stains left from hair dye aren’t permanent as your
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    My brother used to be this way. He didn’t do it on purpose but had extreme social
    anxiety when he was younger. As he got older, he did it to
    try and “belong” in the conversation by sharing a similar
    story he had. Shave Your Head Different people have different
    ways to deal and cope with hair loss. Some men in particular just give up with an attitude that can be
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    I Tip extensions In addition to the negative response from her peers, the charter school that Jetta attends has done nothing to rectify the situation. The school’s principal sent an incident
    report to Heidi, claiming that Jetta would receive formal letters of apology from the students involved.
    However, Heidi says that the teasing hasn’t stopped and Jetta has yet to receive a letter of
    apology.. I Tip extensions

    human hair wigs Laughing and moving on is what I do.
    But I won label those who enjoy it, or avoid
    a whole medium of entertainment because of it.If these characters looked and acted like real kids I be much more weirded out by
    it. In the tabletop communities I been involved in we
    call it magical realming. human hair wigs

    human hair wigs It was one of the most satisfying experiences
    of my life. So, yes, I missed it, but I never regretted that decision.”[13]While simultaneously appearing on Cheers, she continued starring in several motion pictures. In 1984, she was nominated for a Best Leading Actress Golden Globe for her performance in Irreconcilable Differences. human hair wigs

    lace front wigs Going to college will be for many students their first exposure to alcohol. However, this problem goes further than with college students alone. There nothing wrong with drinking in moderation, and arming yourself with knowledge is the first step toward maintaining your self control. lace front wigs

    cheap wigs Upon hearing this, Rodney removes his ponytail. Then, Cassandra says that she spoke to her solicitor, who suggested that she and Rodney try and repair their marriage by raising a pet. Rodney doesn’t want to raise a dog, since he got bit by a Jack Russell as a child. cheap wigs

    human hair wigs How on earth did he think that getting literally the other ten players in the game together and telling them to split votes was going to work? For a start, it just tells Dom/Wendell to use any idol and secondly, he doesn know the bonds that Dom has build up at the second swap! It was always likely that a few people weren on his side and were going to target him.But all of this pales in to comparison to him not playing his idol I can even fathom what he was thinking here. The idol is literally good for one more vote and that it. Even if he got through the episode tonight, it pretty useless at F12 as he would have established an alliance. human hair wigs

    full lace wigs “She looks like she echos,” read another, using a slang term on the alt right for being Jewish (see: The Right Stuff’s glossary). We MOTs stick together,” Ramsey himself tweeted.
    Ramsey tweeted about my being “nice” and exhorted his followers
    to be nice to me in turn, but he also tweeted
    about how he planned to post the recording online
    so his followers could assess it a not so subtle invitation to troll me..
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    Blighttown where you have to walk along a ledge. It seems like when you going through
    tight spaces, the camera decides to go around an obstacle
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    that it was a violation of a United States citizen’s civil rights,
    and he suggested that Rudolph return to the United States nonetheless.[19] Additionally, he “introduced a resolution in Congress [.] calling for an investigation into the OSI’s handling of Rudolph’s case.”[19] Meanwhile,
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    Ooooh no they didn’t like that one bit. So much so that they kicked the door
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    private flat so they destroyed the landlords cupboards in the

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