Types of Lecterns for Church Use

Types of Lecterns for Church Use

Types of Lecterns for Church Use

Types of Lecterns for Church Use


As is characteristic of most churches, you will find lectern at the pulpit of the church. Lecterns are vital in every church today. A lectern is a reading desk with a slanted top which is either supported using a stand or rests on top of a table. The church makes use of lecterns to read announcements, scripture, or give a sermon. Most lecterns are made of wood, but there are so many other materials that can be used to make a lectern. These include acrylic, brass, glass, steel, and bronze. Lecterns come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. The variety of designs and colors available enables you to choose a lectern that matches the theme of your church. Below are some types of lecterns.




Table lectern
A table lectern is very flexible as you can move it or carry it around. Some table lecterns can incorporate a sound system which includes speakers, mics, and volume adjusters to control and project voice when the speaker is addressing a large audience. There are also the traditional lecterns which lack sound systems but still function well as modern, lightweight, and portable options.



Mobile lecterns
There are lecterns which are specifically designed to serve as highly portable items due to their design. With several compartments, side counters, lightweight material, and the ability to fold, they make it easy to move them around.




Adjustable lecterns
Adjustable lecterns are very popular as they provide versatility. They allow the user to customize the reading surface. These lecterns are very flexible, with a movable slant and height to improve eye contact, posture, and general comfort while using them.



Handcrafted lecterns
Handcrafted lecterns come in unique and specialized designs. These lecterns are usually a thoughtfully crafted work of art presenting a beautiful end product. The wood species used for handcrafting lecterns can either be dark or light-colored, textured or non-textured. Take a look at the beautiful wooden handicraft of a table lectern below.

Types of Lecterns for Church Use

Types of Lecterns for Church Use

Modern lecterns
Modern church lecterns are specially designed with art and decorations representing an aspect of the church. The decorations can be contemporary and creative, bringing out a unique product. Modern lecterns are available in sleek and slender designs to utilize space and give a more sophisticated look.



Acrylic or Plexiglas lecterns
The acrylic material has many benefits. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but it is also robust and transparent plastic which serves as a great alternative to glass. Acrylic is also lightweight, weighing half the weight of glass materials, making it easier to move about. A significant advantage of acrylic is that it is shatter or impact-resistant, which makes it the best option for a durable lectern.




Additionally, it is weather-resistant and remains unaffected by light due to its light-refracting capabilities. It, therefore, retains its color. You can never go wrong with an acrylic lectern.



Steel lecterns
Steel is another preferred material in making lecterns because it has a high tensile strength to weight ratio. Its high strength per unit mass makes it lightweight despite its size. You can trust that it is also durable, withstanding most weather conditions. At times, bronze color is applied to steel to give it extra corrosion protection, a better finish, and a more sophisticated look. Below is a quality image of a bronze-colored steel lectern.

Types of Lecterns for Church Use

Types of Lecterns for Church Use


As you can see, there is an unlimited variety of choices when it comes to table lecterns. It helps to invest in a robust and durable lectern. An adjustable lectern will also come in handy to provide you with the flexibility you need. A beautiful handcrafted wooden lectern is also an excellent, aesthetical, and unique investment.


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