Leaving school, parting, deathlike, calls up tears. It’s my Birthday

Today is my Birthday!

Hip! Hop!! Hooray!!!

I’m a year older and wiser too!  I have been thinking what story should I write to commemorate with such a special day, but couldn’t up with something. So I dug into my archives and dug out this article I wrote eight years ago. Unedited, I hope you will enjoy it.

Leaving school, parting, deathlike, calls up tears!

Leaving school, moving houses, ending a relationship and going away generally leave a sour taste in the mouth and tears in the eyes, it makes one feel a loss akin to death.

And now as I write this, I am thinking of my friends and foes alike who have graduated and who are currently serving their motherland (NYSC) National Youth Service Corps.

Thinking of them makes me realise the transient nature of things. The here-now-gone-tomorrow phenomenon that is life.

I think of the first loud yelp that ushers man into this life and I recall that most of us shed tears on our first day in secondary school (some even cried in the university).

If life is fun, why do babies cry when they are born? I’m waiting for answers fellas!

Then, my mind goes to a baby’s feeble attempts to crawl, to walk and run – A provocation of the toils of the years. Think of the JAMB/SAT/TOEFL hurdle that is crossed and sealed. The sweat toil to get good grades and move from one level to the other.

Then the finals!

The frenetic pace.

The project to be written, typed and bound. Seminar preparation and presentations. Then the examinations. The waiting and the results .Bad ones, good ones, sad ones and the happy ones.

The good and happy ones graduate. There is the convocation, the unemployment, the employment, marriage, kids, retirement, the farewells. Then finally the Adieu!

Isn’t life such a sweet tumultuous journey!

What a struggle!